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Eco-Friendly Squeaky TPR Tennis Ball Dog Toy with Treat Fill

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Chew, chase, and play! Discover the eco-friendly Red Pacifier toy made from 100% recyclable rubber. Its versatile design features a detachable squeaker tennis ball, providing endless entertainment. With textured surfaces, ridges, and nubs, it offers delightful oral stimulation while cleaning teeth. For added interactive fun, replace the tennis ball with a treat or slide in a rope for tugging excitement. Your furry friend won’t get enough!

Eco-Friendly Material: Crafted from 100% recyclable rubber.
Versatile Design: Features a detachable squeaker tennis ball for diverse play.
Texture Galore: Textured surfaces, ridges, and nubs enhance oral stimulation and help clean teeth.
Interactive Play: Swap the tennis ball for a treat or introduce a rope for tugging fun.
Chew Meter Rating: Scores 3 out of 5, making it durable yet softideal for puppies and small dogs.

Measurement: 7 x 3

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